I had recently had the pleasure of interviewing attorney Mark F. Weiss of The Advisory Law Group on how he sees the Affordable Care Act shaping the delivery of healthcare in the present and coming years. Mark represents doctors’ groups, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, and he provides real-world insights into the way that provider payment systems under the ACA, and other aspects of the law, are driving significant changes in the delivery of healthcare. Press “play” below and listen to Mark’s comments on, among other points:

-how and why “accountable care organizations” or “ACOs” under the Act are driving consolidation of healthcare providers;
-how the ACA is impacting pricing and R&D competition among physicians groups and other caregivers; and
-whether (or when) the ACA will flatten or drive down the healthcare “cost curve.”

Mark brings a wealth of experience to these topics and it is worth a few minutes of your time to share his vantage point on the ACA and how it is changing the healcare industry from within. You can get more information on the topics discussed at Mark’s blog, “Wisdom. Applied.” at http://www.advisorylawgroup.com/blog1.

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