Recently, Mark Weiss of the Advisory Law Group interviewed me on Affordable Care Act compliance issues for small to mid-sized employers. You can listen to the resulting podcast on Mark’s Wisdom.Applied blog by clicking here.   Topics covered include preparing for pay or play, employee interaction with the exchanges, exchange readiness (or un-readiness), and the viability of wellness programs in a small employer setting.  Thank you, Mark, for giving me the opportunity to share my views with your audience.

Mark’s practice focuses on medical groups, physicians and other healthcare providers, and I hope to soon interview him on the ACA as seen from the provider perspective, including how it is changing – in several different aspects – the ways in which healthcare is delivered in the U.S.     The law is not much more popular among healthcare providers, than it is among employers, but for different reasons Mark will ably explain.  Check back soon for more good information along those lines.

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